Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Forgotten Cereal

My life is so routine. I bring the same thing to work every day to eat (well, I have been. That will be most likely changing soon). I have a little routine of how I pack everything up the night before. I have some like quirks. 3 things remain on the counter: my 8 oz coke, my fruit cup and my cereal. The cereal and fruit cup don't need to be refrigerated, but could be. But the coke - in the past, what I found is that if I put it in the fridge the night before, then I would be more tempted to drink it as soon as I got to work. So at least now it is cold (okay, cool, because it's been in a cooler bag with frozen and refrigerated items) But warm enough psychologically that I wouldn't drink it)

The cereal I measure out the 3/4 cup into a tupperware container. I use the container for a couple of days before washing it. So last night I threw it in the general area of where I make my lunch. It wasn't until I got to work this morning that I realized that I forgot to fill it last night! Agh! So 3 points of of my 29 left at home. My morning crunch (and crutch - I don't drink coffee in the morning, well ever, except in the form of ice cream). I immediately started thinking about what I could eat from the cafeteria for 3 points. I scoured my purse for a Fiber One bar. Nothing. So I went without. Ugh. It is 11:30 - I've had my yogurt, I've had my morning snack, and I am counting the minutes until 12:00 when I can eat lunch.

And the reason for this insanity? Tomorrow I have the day off so I won't be here for WW anyways. But. This morning the scale said 190.4. If I am really good today, maybe, just maybe, the scale could say 189.8 tomorrow. I doubt it. But I am not going to sabotage it by getting a bagel in the caf, or god forbid the world's best breakfast sandwich.

I will make up those 3 points sometime today though - I don't want to be starving. There is too much yummy pasta salad at home for me to get home starving. So even if i have to grab something from the vending machine (I just couldn't do it at 8:30 am), I'll make sure I eat my points.

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  1. I know your frustration as I've done similar things! Sounds like you were totally committed to staying on your points. I'm impressed you didn't cave in and eat something junky!