Friday, March 1, 2013

Getting back on track, sort of....

I've been stellar during work hours this week, though today I did have a protein bar before going to the grocery store at 8 am and now at 10:15 I am just having my normal breakfast.

Dinners have been up and down.
Monday - I was good - I purposefully drank a ton of water on the way home and had a cheese stick while making dinner.
Tuesday - I used my WW 1 cup spoon to portion out my pasta, but I overflowed it a bit and had some small meatballs as well
Wednesday - I had seconds on rice - need to not have the food right in front of me (we eat at our kitchen island which also has the stove, so it also is where we dish out.)
Thursday - My husband is working until 2 am for the next 4 nights and my son's school is next to McDonald's and every day he asks, so I decided to go with them since we had zero food in the house. But I didn't make wise choices (which to me would have been 1 cheeseburger, water and a small fries).

I made sure I bought my normal foods at the grocery store. My husband working all weekend isn't a reason to overeat. Though I did find out mid-week that he is supposed to be there at 8:30 am on Saturday (other weekends it has been 10-11, after having worked until 1 am) so that would mean I couldn't go to my meeting without bringing the kids. But since there is a chance that he coulld get home tomorrow morning and not have to be in early, I am still going to eat today like normal.

TOM will be arriving Sunday or Monday so this weekend will be extra hard, but I will push through.

I am not going to make my goal of being 216 by March 23 (which is what I was 3 years ago when I started my journey to loose 30 lbs). But I can't let that get me down.

At the grocery store I bought all the candy for Easter - yep, 30 days in advance.  But I will be okay. I buy traditional Easter candy (jelly beans, chocolate eggs, Peeps, a chocolate rabbit) -Not the Easter-ized version of normal candy (ie herseys kisses in pastel colors).

I am so glad it is March. Meteorological spring has begun! Day light savings is 9 days away! (though I have been enjoying the light mornings).

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