Friday, May 3, 2013

Weekly Weigh-in #23

Starting Weight (12/1/2012): 232.2
Last Week: 217.6
Current Weight:  216.0
Change Since Last Week: -1.6
Total Change: -16.2
Height: 5'6"
Goal: 149

Weighing in a day early before my trip to NYC.

Very happy to see 216 this morning!

I saw the scale say 236 after my trip to Florida in November, so 20 lbs gone. But officially (well pseudo officially because I won't be able to get to WW this morning) 16.2 down since December 1st.

Making no predictions on my weight a week from tomorrow. I am not using a 3 day trip as an excuse to eat everything in sight, but I am going to enjoy myself as well. But Monday, exhausted or not, back on track.

1 comment:

  1. Great attitude, Jessey! I haven't been the best blogland support friend lately, but I do check in here and there.

    Have a great time in NYC!