Monday, May 6, 2013

Back from the Big Apple!

My fun weekend in the City is over, but I am glad to be back where things are more predictable. I really am such a homebody.

The weekend with my mom and my daughter was fun, but not without my mom's digs about my eating and my daughter's eating - honestly, my mom is getting even more cruel and more self centered as she gets older. She really doesn't want to hea what I have to say when it comes to eating or being healthy. But I didn't let that dampen things - it was beautiful weather.

Friday we picked her up around 9:30 and hit the road. We pulled over around noon in a state park for a picnic lunch (mine was PB&J, hard boiled egg, carrots, banana, rice cake chips, 1 cookie, my 8 oz coke) - I didn't think we would get a chance to eat before dinner (and I was right) so I wanted a big meal!

We got to our hotel around 2:30 and immediately headed out to stroll down to Rockefeller Plaza and the American Girl store. Me and my daughter did quite a bit of shopping there and literally had to run back to the hotel to change to make our 6:00 pm dinner reservation. Food was Italian - I had some bread, a few olives, a couple glasses of wine, a salad, pasta (the portions weren't very large), and chocolate mousse for dessert. Yummy! Satisfied but not stuffed.

We went to see 'Cinderella' - fanstastic! We got back to the room at 11:00 and I fell asleep immediately.

Breakfast was at the hotel - I got 2 scrambled eggs, bacon, wheat toast, home fries, and OJ. The OJ wasn't worth it - It was fresh squeezed and I don't like pulp. I had a nibble of the home fries (they weren't real home fries - they were deep fried) and ate the rest.

We wandered through Central Park and made our way over to Serendipity, with the thought of having a morning snack of Frozen Hot Chocolate. But it was 11:00 and it didn't open until 11:30, so we decided to wait and have lunch there. Before getting in line we went to a candy store, but only got some stuff for the kids. Lunch was a burger (not a very good one, which I didn't eat it all) and we all shared a frozen hot chocolate. Yummy!

After lunch, we went a bunch of places and then to Tiffany's so I could check out their Keys, which I plan to buy once I hit Lifetime. At that point my mom and daughter headed back to the hotel. I kept looking at Tiffany's and then went and got a snack New York bagel with CC and a Coke - not very healthy!) - I never did get a Pretzel, Pizza, or any other street food like I wish I had. Next trip!

After  a quick rest at the hotel, we went to the Met to meet up with my mom's cousin. I knew there was nothing at the restaurant for dinner that my daughter would eat, so she got some pasta at the cafeteria while my mom and cousin got tea, and I had water.

Dinner was at Turkish Restaurant. We got bunch of appetizers, and then I got a Kabob for dinner, and Backlava for dessert. Yummy. Again, satisfied, not stuffed.

I had a horrible nights sleep and knew I had a long day ahead. I indulged a bit for breakfast - pancakes, egg, bacon - No OJ. I didn't know when we would have lunch. We drove to NJ to see my cousin preach and then back to her house for lunch (takeout pizza, no salads). We left around 3 and at 4:30 stopped at a rest area. I needed caffiene, so got a Mocha Frappe from McDonald's (my daughter got a chocolate shake) - Turns out that was my dinner as we didn't stop again and got to my parents around 7:30. I was starving but exhausted so chose not to make myself anything at home. I was in bed at 9:00!

The scale was up 3 lbs this morning - Not sure how much of that is "real" - One thing I don't like about traveling is not being able to get my water in. My body kind of rebels.

But back to the grind and hopefully back on plan, even though this week is kind of off kilter.

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