Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Back to the grind...

My stomach is in rebellions after a large meal for dinner last night. And it wasn't that insane - hamburger (no cheese) in a wrap with veggies. Salad with pinenuts and goat cheese. Corn on the cob with Promise Light. Dessert of a brownie, ice cream, light cool whip and strawberries - not that large. All last night my stomach was just making the most obscene sounds. And still now I feel gassy/hungry, despite having had breakfast and a ton of water so far.

I didn't bring a soda to work today! We'll see how the next 10+ days go before my reunion, then I'll make a decision about what to do. Hopefully it will all be out of my system and I won't feel like I need it anymore!

Yesterday we did take a walk around the reservoir - it was 2 miles, mainly through woods or rustic roads. I am not sure if it would work well for trail running - not to begin with. There were a lot of roots. My son complained about 1/2 the time and my husband carried him some, but for the most part he did it all on his own. Someday he'll do it without complaints! I can't wait to do more hikes.

The rest of the day was pretty low key - a lot of getting ready for the week. This is always a weird time of year. The "unofficial" start to summer, but she still has almost 4 weeks worth of school left - some towns (who start school after Labor Day) have 5 because we had so many snow days. But I am looking forward to 3 days off - 1 1/2 days to myself, and 1 1/2 days with my daughter. Then the busy summer camp schedule starts.

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