Friday, May 31, 2013

Off with the shorts!

After having another fail week of working out, I had a nice NSV this morning (along with a nice showing on the scale). Since I work from home on Fridays and it is going to be in the 90s, I put on shorts. I wore these shorts last night, but when I zipped them up, they practically fell off my hips. I could easily pull them off. They are a size 18W and I am definitely between sizes, though all the pants I've been wearing to work are 18W because the 16W just aren't there yet. I grabbed 2 pairs of 16W shorts from the closet, one being the pair of shorts I was wearing the day my daughter was conceived (sorry, TMI) and they both fit! Maybe a tad tight when sitting down, but passable! I feel wonderful.

I have definitely been stressing about what to wear for my reunion next weekend since I hate all my clothes, and I can't find new clothes I like. I just want the reunion to be over. I hate going weighing 70 lb more than I did when I graduated. But I guess that is better than 90 like I was 6 months ago! But I am going to go and get it over with and see people I probably won't see again and wait for the day that I can post to FB that I have made it to goal!

Still haven't had soda since last Friday!

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