Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bring on a new week!

Is it Friday yet? I am kind of dreading this week and just want it to be over and have it be the long weekend and the "unofficial start to summer". I can't believe it went so quickly!

Speaking of quick, the weekend went by really fast too!

Saturday, after my meeting, I did a HUGE food run, because I needed so much to start cooking more interesting foods again! Then I did yardwork for a couple of hours. And then got dressed up and out to dinner with my husband. I still feel full! The meal was amazing, but I slept like crap - I was so hot from all the sodium, I don't sleep well even after only a couple of drinks, and I was still full. I woke up feeling like crap. Not hungover - well, maybe a food hangover.

And the day didn't progress well because I felt like crap. We drove down to get the kids and had a picnic with my parents - definitely too many cookies were eaten today! But unlike last week, there is not evidence from the picnic for the week!

So I hope I can have a good week - I need it!

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