Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mid-week check in

Trying to get back on track after the weekend away. Doing a pretty good job in the eating front, but not the exercise front.

As of this morning, 2.4 of the 3 lbs were gone. Hoping I can stay on track until Saturday and have the 3 lbs all be gone.

I am continuing to feel out of sorts because I am not menu planned and we are in desperate need of food and I am still not organized after the weekend. Monday I was able to through together dinner from the freezer/pantry, but for last night I had nothing. We had a stressful afternoon bringing my son to see a specialist - I was so glad to have thrown a protein bar into my purse to eat on the way home. With no prospects for dinner, I suggested going out. After all, we had celebrated Cinqo de Maio yet, and Monday was a celebration day of sorts - a year since since we put in the offer on our house and it was accepted. A year since we stepped foot inside our house for the first time. I have visions of Mexican food, but in the end, we were home too early and my husband wanted to mow the lawn and the kids were cranky, so I just ended up making them and me Mac and Cheese (and I had a bunch of fruit and veggies as well).

But the exercise hasn't happened yet. I haven't officially worked out since last Tuesday! I am itching to get out - I thought it would be raining this morning (it wasn't) - but I stayed up too late last night.

Online ootcamp started again and I am going to try to make a go of it this time around - baby steps. And maybe next week make it to real bootcamp at the Y.

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