Thursday, May 2, 2013

One Pound at a Time

I know I have constantly said here that I don't do well with goals and 'I want to lose X # of lbs by Y'. I always fail, miserably. Any week I say I am going to do well, I gain...a lot.

We all say Baby Steps and I think I just need to concentrate on 1 pound at a time. Make good decisions that will allow the scale to go down by 1 pound. 1 pound a week at this weight SHOULD be attainable. Not trying to do 1.5, or see how many pounds I can lose by my next meeting. BUT should I not lose a lb, I think I should work extra hard the next week to make up for it. So that is how I am going to think from now on.

So here I sit at home, trying to work, being very distracted by housework I am trying to do before I leave for the weekend, packing for the weekend, being excited about the weekend, being excited about all the weekends to come (I love spring!), and trying not to dive into goodies I bought at the grocery store per the request of my husband (who will be home with my son) and my daughter (road trip food).

I trying with all my might because I am dieing to see a new number. I have been stuck in the 217's for 3 weeks (okay, I've been way above them as well, but the first time I dipped into the 217s was on April 13) I haven't seen 216 anything yet. 216 is the elusive number because that was my starting number on 3/25/2010. Granted, even if I saw it tomorrow morning, it ain't going to look that way on Monday!

Speaking of which, this is what I think my weekend nosh will look like. I will confess that I am very nervous about this all because I am going with my mother who is hyper critical of my weight and also of my daughter's eating habits (even though I keep telling my mom that one of my issues is that junk food was a rarity and forbidden in my house so as soon as I could buy my own food, I bought junk (though that majority of my weight gain is from overeating, not eating junk food) and thus I am teaching/allowing my kids to eat SOME junk - not a lot, but I don't want them to think it is forbidden. Granted, my daughter has turned uber-picky and only wants the junk food. So my mom will be hyper critical of snacking. She believes if I don't give my daughter snacks then she will be forced to eat whatever we put in front of her because she will be starving. Can you said food issues much?

Friday breakfast - Home as normal - may be larger than normal because I doubt I'll bring a morning snack for myself, as i will be driving
Friday lunch - Bringing a picnic lunch
Friday afternoon snack - either something in the room or something on the street!
Friday dinner - Italian

Saturday breakfast - hotel
Saturday snack - Something I bring in my purse
Saturday lunch - TBD
Saturday snack - Hoping for frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity or candy from Dylan's
Saturday dinner - Turkish

Sunday breakfast - hotel
Sunday snack - something I bring in my purse
Sunday lunch - TBD - with my cousins after church
Sunday snack - in the car
Sunday dinner - TBD, probably on the road

I didn't wake up to run - I am mad at myself. I am hoping to go out with my daughter after school or before dinner.

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