Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Out of control....

I jinxed myself on Saturday by saying I can't lose for more than 3 weeks in a row. And this week will be a gain. Ugh......

I don't know if it is around ovulation time that I get a little out of control.
Or because I am cranky that after some beautiful days, the last 2 nights have been below freezing.
Or that I just can't have certain foods in the house - in this case I had made pasta salad for Mother's Day and ate way too much of it on Sunday and Monday (Monday I had a full serving of it BEFORE dinner!). And also I bought chocolate chip cookies for Mother's Day and even though I told my mom I had got them, she brought chocolate cookies, so too many cookies in the house, me being weak, I ate too many of them, including FOUR BEFORE dinner last night! The eating between getting home and dinner on the table has been a huge downfall for me and a lot of reason for my weight gain. I eat a snack before leaving work. I need to be better about drinking water on the way home and when I get home. But a lot of it is stress.

The weekend wasn't bad We went out for Mexican food for a late lunch on Saturday and I made pretty good choices - not perfect, but okay.

Sunday morning I got up and ran 3 miles in slightly less than 40 minutes - when I run with this friend we tend to run more slowly than I do when I am alone. So I am graduated from C25K....but I have not exercised since :(

Later on Sunday I did a ton of yard work outside, really moving my body, and finally getting to enjoy the outdoors of my house. Finally!

I have 3 days left of this week to turn it around but I am not incredibly hopeful to lose 2.6 lbs by then! (see when I gain, I really gain!)

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