Saturday, January 21, 2017

Back to Weight Watchers

I finally, finally made it back

Today's Weight: 230.4
Starting Weight: 232.2 (1/1/2017)
Change from Last Week:
Total Change: -1.8

While my eating hasn't been stellar at all this week, I knew I had to get back there this week. Zero excuses. So I did! I went back to my original meeting at 7:00 am. I lurked in the back - though did talk some. I didn't go up to the Leader and tell her I was back (It has been almost 2 years since I was in this location). I just took it all in.

So glad I did! Now I need to go through all my normal foods and see what "SmartPoints" they are - I did check my normal Lean Cuisine pizza and it is now 12 points (instead of 10). When I was losing me weight I was still having it but actually cutting out a portion so it was 8 points. I've been telling myself for years, and years, and years, I need to come up with a different lunch. But the pizza has been so easy - no having to stir it 1/2 way through, I can eat it with my hands while I work (I know, not ideal, when the topic this week was Mindful eating), but most of all I don't have to make it and measure it. But I know I should be having real meals for lunch. Not even ones that are lower points because I do want to stay full through the afternoon, but I need more protein and less bread with my meals. Baby steps!

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  1. Woohoo to the loss!!!!!

    Mindful eating is a big thing for me!!!