Saturday, January 14, 2017

Weigh-in #1: Non-Weight Watchers

I wasn't going to post a weight here because I didn't go to Weight Watchers (though when I am going to WW, what I do post here is my home weight). My head cold was worse last night, so I crawled into bed around 6 (though watched TV until 10:30). I didn't set an alarm, but told myself if I woke up at 5:30 and felt good, then I would go. I was awoken at 6:30 by my daughter's alarm (she got a new alarm clock for Christmas and she forgets to turn it off on the weekends so this is the 2nd Saturday it has gone off!)

Weight: 227.2
Highest Non-Pregnant Weight: 232.2

I am really going to try to eat healthy this weekend/week. This past week hasn't been realistic because of the illnesses, but if I can keep my weight away from the 230s and heading towards the 2-teens, I will be thrilled.

I do like football, but there is NO reason to eat munchies during the game. The Patriots are playing at 8:00 pm - I'll be watching in bed because I am supposed to go running in the morning. And none of the other games are "my team" - I will reserve munchies for the Super Bowl, regardless of who is in it, because to my the Super Bowl is a great celebration that winter is half over!!!!!

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  1. You have a very real goal!!! At the very least maintain to stay out of that next 'decade'! Crept up into the 240's and I am trying like H -E double hockey sticks to get out!!!