Wednesday, January 4, 2017

First Lunch at Work a Success

Usually when me and my work-BFF have lunch I don't know in advance, and even when I have brought my lunch, I end up buying it (and as of late, that also meant buying a 12 oz regular Coke because I hate buying water....and I do love regular cans of Coke). My regular lunch is a Lean Cuisine Pizza and a bag of carrots. The line at the microwaves in the cafeteria are long and if I heat it up upstairs it is awkward to bring it downstairs.

A part of my Healthier Me 2017, I decided I would leave all my $ (hidden) in my car, so I wouldn't be tempted to buy lunch (nor do any on-line shopping except for Amazon (which can be deadly itself)). My friend loved my idea. She too wants to curb the $ and the calories.

Yesterday she and I planned to have lunch today. I grabbed some leftovers which could more easily be transported from the microwave upstairs to downstairs (and wouldn't take as long to heat up as the pizza). I also grabbed my carrots and my water bottle.

So what about the times lunch isn't planned? I will just have to deal with bringing the heated pizza downstairs. But I do want to make an effort to actually make my lunch.

Currently this is the food I bring to work - very grab-n-go friendly, but a little too much processed food (and actually too many WW Points as well).

Dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt
1/2 cup Cheerios (put into snack baggies on Sundays)

Morning Snack
1 plastic containers of peaches (I drain off the liquid before eating
2 WW cheese sticks

Lean Cuisine Supreme Pizza
1/2 cup carrots (put into snack baggies on Sundays)

Afternoon Snack
1 plastic containers of peaches (I drain off the liquid before eating

I want to start actually making my lunch - like egg salad, tuna salad. But when I am on Weight Watchers (which I will be on Saturday!), then that is just more weighing and measuring. I've been eating the Lean Cuisine pizzas for years, and years, and years! They are just so easy!

2017 and a Healthier Me is all about baby steps. Can't do it all at once!

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  1. Making your lunch is a good goal...but if the pizza is working for you don't worry about it too much!!!