Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trying to get back on plan on Hump Day

It hasn't been a great few days and I am annoyed at myself.

Saturday I spent a lot of time going over the Weight Watchers material and figuring out the SmartPoints of all my favorite foods. I was pretty shocked by some of them!

Saturday night dinner was kind of everyone-for-themselves. I cooked 3 oz of spaghetti as well as zucchini noodles and measured out 4 TB of cheese.

Sunday I went running with friends, but not before eating way too many points for my pre-run meal (I wasn't sure how many miles we were going to run so I did fuel pre-run. We only ran 3 miles, so I really didn't need the 1 Whole Wheat Waffle with strawberry jam, which was about 6 points). And then I had my usual post-run drink (chocolate milk - 7 points!) - Again, after 3 miles I didn't need it. So before I even sat down for breakfast, I was already down 13 points (out of 32 for the day!)

Sunday was kind of a lazy day. Eating wasn't horrible. I tracked everything!

Monday started out well. At lunchtime I went to heat up my leftovers for lunch and the microwave was broken, so instead of hunting down another one (and then having to carry my lunch all the way across the building) I just went home and heated it up there. But then I continued to eat like crap the rest of the afternoon.

Tuesday the kids ended up having a 2 hour delay for school, so I unexpectedly was home. And the workers were still there. And it ended up just being a free-for-all. Bad, bad, bad!

But I am still weighing myself every day, which is good (even though the numbers don't always look good)

And it is only Wednesday. I have 3 more days to turn it around before my weigh-in. Granted TOM is coming soon,  but I can't let that completely derail me.

And I need to have a relatively good week because before we know if the Super Bowl will be here. As soon as the AFC Championship was over and we knew we were in the Super Bowl, my husband was already asking what we were having (we always make munchies for the Super Bowl regardless of who is playing). I refused to plan food 2 weeks in advance, especially coming off a very good weekend. But there will be cake involved!

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