Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday already!

I was so excited, and nervous, last Friday, knowing that I would start Weight Watchers again the next day. And that just wasn't meant to be. The whole week was just a blur, but thankfully we are here back at Friday. I feel the same as I did last Friday in that I am working at home and trying not to eat myself out of house-and-home.

I am just starting to get my appetite back and that resulted in some snacking yesterday afternoon. When I got home mid-afternoon the house cleaners were there, so me and my daughter had to hide out in the basement for a bit while they finished up. I had had my snack at work with my lunch, so the only thing to eat/drink was some ginger ale that was left in our basement fridge. And once I could go back up stairs, I scrounged up some trail mix from my husband's stocking.

Now that my stomach is better, I know have a pretty bad head cold :( I hold it just stays at that and doesn't become a sore throat and/or cough. I've been trying to rest this week to get healthy.

While we got 6+" of snow last Saturday, we've had weather in the 50s and 60s the last few days - you can't really tell through the window below, but all the snow is gone! It will be chilly for the weekend, but in the 40s next week. I will take it!

The highlight of the week has been having our contractors here. The bookshelves are done, and they will start working on the entertainment center. Tomorrow the flooring people are coming out to measure so they can order the carpet. In an ideal world the room would be done by the Super Bowl, but we aren't holding our breath.

Happy, healthy (!) weekend!

I can not wait for this wall to be done!

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  1. Crossing my fingers that the head cold goes away without too many other symptoms and aches!!!