Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Taking Care of Myself

I will admit I have been neglecting the doctor the last 2-3 years. I had a physical with my new local PCP a week after my dad died (so almost 2 years ago) but really the only reason I went then was to get a new prescription. At that point I had regained 20-25 of the 50 lbs. She put in an order for blood work but I didn't get it taken - kept saying I would go back when I had lost some of the weight. Also, my GYN is far away and I kept saying I would find a local one, but that didn't happen until now.

So today I say my new GYN. I really liked her. I haven't had a female in over 10 years. I made an appointment for a mammogram in 3 weeks, and I have an appointment with my PCP at the end of March. And I was thrilled that my blood pressure was very good. What I wasn't thrilled with (totally my fault) was when the nurse was inputting my weight, a warning flashed that the # was more than 10% from the last time (May 2015) so she had to input it a couple of times. Embarrassing.

When I made the appointment with my PCP she put in an order for blood work (since my old one expired). While the lab was in the same building as my doctor's appointment, I chose not to have it taken today because I didn't feel that it would be completely accurate because I haven't really been eating the last few days. I do worry about what my sugars and cholesterol look like. But I know I CAN turn it around.

Now to just get myself to the dentist :) But even with dental insurance, that is big $$. $$ we just don't have now.

Oh yeah, and I should get my eyes checked. I think it is reading glass time.

And my PCP will order a colonoscopy (like they have been for 5-6 years and I keep blowing it off) - Maybe that one will wait until the Fall.

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