Thursday, January 5, 2017

Work Day Success/ Afternoon Fail

Ever since September 2015 when I started spending afternoons at home, to get the kids off the bus, I've gained a lot of my weight between the time I get home and when they get home. Unfortunately yesterday was no different.

I got home around 2:00, they got home at 3:30, and my "snacks" of choice were Garlic Croutons (they are like chips - so yummy!) and milk chocolate chocolate bits. The Croutons were finished, the rest of the chocolate bits went in the trash.

The reason I mini-binge when I am home as I am so stressed about all the work I need to do and being pressed for time before the kids get home. I don't want them to be in After Care every day but I've got to get this afternoon munching under control - it has been a huge reason for my weight gain over the last 16 months.

I wanted to get to 10K steps yesterday so around 5:30 I got on the treadmill to walk - I needed almost 4,000 steps! Walking on the treadmill is SO boring! I ran in a few spurts to try to make it go faster, but since my mindset was for walking, I didn't last long with running. I ended up walking 30 minutes and walked 1.83 miles (I tried walking 15:00 miles but it was just too fast).

1 comment:

  1. Go you for getting in those steps!!!!!!

    Those croutons are yummy!!! But there has to be a solution to the stress munchies! Maybe use some of that time to walk on the treadmill with a tv show you can binge watch while you watch???