Sunday, January 8, 2017

Weight Watchers That Wasn't and Snow!

Friday was a great day - I ate well during the day, despite working at home. I went to BJs and stocked up on the normal things, plus lots of chicken, ground turkey, and ground beef that I can freeze. I went to the grocery store and got lots of healthy stuff (and some not so healthy, but that was for the kids). I had a small dinner. I laid out my new Weight Watcher's outfit.....And then my son got the stomach bug :(

My husband really deals with all-things-stomach-bug because I have a huge vomit phobia, but I was up most of the night feeling like my stomach hurt and being worried that the rest of us would catch it. So I turned off my 6:15 alarm and woke up around 9:00.

I had a huge head ache, partially because I probably hadn't eaten enough. My weight was a little insane (down 4.2 lbs from the day before).

Saturday was a snow day. I had a few errands to run in the morning, but then was housebound for the rest of the day. I puttered around. Ate so-so, but not great (my weight is up 2.2 lbs this morning!).

Today is another day. Cold, cold, cold (7 degrees, feels like -4). I was supposed to run 5 miles today so I am going to TRY to do it on the treadmill - that will be a mental battle!

We probably got about 6 inches. Yesterday was beautiful when it was snowing. Now once it is over, you just want it to be Spring!

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  1. I have a huge vomit phobia also...and that sounds soooo like me...laying in bed worrying about myself getting whatever big is going around!!!!

    My boyfriend just found out how big my vomit phobia is and he just shakes his head and laughs..he says I'm crazy if I lay there sick mentally willing myself to not hurl!!! He tried to tell me that it feels better to be done with get that out of my body....I think he is the crazy one!!!