Friday, January 6, 2017

The Day That Wasn't and Wishing Friday Away

Finally it is Friday - How am I going to deal next week when we have a full 5 day work week?! I feel like it has been so long.

I work from home on Fridays and this is the first one in a while where it has been just me (well, also our contractors came today - yeah!!)

I am working on getting my water in. This is my 20 oz water bottle - I have 3 of them that I rotate through the refrigerator. My goal is to drink 5 of them a day.

Yesterday (Thursday) was a so-so day. I brought my lunch (leftover pasta/ham/asparagus) from the night before - but probably too many calories.

My daughter asked for ice cream when she got home and wanting the ice cream out of the house, I had some with her. But writing this I was just reminded that we still have some, so I took it out of the freezer, ran water over it, and left it to melt. I need to just have NO temptations in the house.

Which is where the "Wishing Friday Away" comes from. Being home on Fridays is hard food wise, especially when I have WW the next day. But in the distant past, it was a good thing knowing I had WW the next day to keep me from eating like crazy (this was back when I used to food shop on Friday mornings).

Yesterday I didn't do any exercise when I got home. My steps were pretty dismal. I got my hair done (gotta love all the hair dye that got left on my head - I can't wait to shower in the morning!). I got it cut shorter - I had short hair for so long and was waiting until I lost weight to cut it short again. But I am sick of waiting. We always have pizza after getting our hair done since our pizza place is right next door. My husband had made a salad (trying to save $, plus we had produce that needed to get eaten up!). I had 2 regular slices and 1 small.

So now it is Friday and I am trying to be good - trying to eat only my normal foods. People keep saying "but you are starting Weight Watchers again tomorrow, eat away!" but I am right where I was 12/1/2012 when I last joined, so I don't want the number to be higher!

So I am trying not to think about the leftover pizza in the fridge, the leftover pasta, the pasta I could make. Nope, just trying to concentrate on my normal foods. Just because I am home doesn't mean I shouldn't eat what I would normally eat at work.

Getting the steps in is hard at home though. I have a ton of work to do (which I am really procrastinating about right now!). I may try to walk on the treadmill tonight since I didn't even get in 6,000 steps yesterday :(

One of my Friday tasks is to write out my grocery list, which means think about what we are having for dinner next week. We've had all our normal stand-byes lately, so time to pull out the recipe binder!

And NONE of the foods being offered at school next week the kids like, which means 10 lunches next week :(

I'll check in tomorrow to say how Day 1 of Weight Watchers goes!

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