Monday, November 15, 2010

Focus, focus, focus until Thursday

I was up even more this morning - 194.4, but I had salty food yesterday. I did make some good choices, some not-so-good.

For lunch my daughter wanted "Mummy Hotdogs" - hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls and baked. They were turkey dogs, but I had 2 of them.

She had a birthday party to go to, and despite the cake being an insanely yummy looking cake, for the first time, I passed on a piece.

My parents and cousins came over for dinner - I didn't have wine, I only had 1 piece of Hawaiian pizza. I did have 2 servings of salad which have feta and walnuts in it. And I did have one serving of dessert - brownies with vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce. Yummy.

I'd say the next 3 days would be easy to get back to 192.8, but tonight's dinner is a little up in the air - I think we're doing the first Chicken A La King of the cold-weather season. I could try to skip the roll or replace it with whole wheat bread. But the salt in the Creamy of Celery soup we use will probably not reflect well on the scale tomorrow. Tomorrow night I am going out to dinner with a friend - the plan is to drink water, not beer, don't eat the popcorn at the table, and have either veggie ravioli or turkey tortellini salad - this is going to be a hard one to stick to!

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