Thursday, November 25, 2010

Weekly Weigh In

Last Week: 191.2
This Week: 192.4
Change: +1.2

The gain was definitely expected, though I was up over 3 lbs at one point. But even my dinners this week were larger, with seconds a couple times. My husband likes to have rolls for Thanksgiving but I decided last year that we just don't need them so I made rolls with our Wednesday pasta.

We had dinner today at 4:00 instead of our 1:00 - 2:00 of years past. My husband and I decided that we'll definitely do that from now on. Today the Patriot's were playing at the 12:30 game so I made a bunch of fancy appetizers (not normal football fare) to eat for lunch. I love appetizers, so I think we may do that in the future for lunch on Thanksgiving, but eat more around noon.

I only had one helping for dinner. I really don't love Thanksgiving food except for the stuffing. And I didn't finish my dessert. I did feel full, though not stuffed. It wasn't a nice feeling.

We have a week before we leave on vacation - I am going to try to eat healthy and smart from now until then. I'd love to be down to at least 191.0 (which I was last Friday) by then.

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  1. I also had one plateful at Thanksgiving, and was full. The fact that I wasn't stuffed was a great feeling for me.

    Throughout the day I ate more pie and cheeseball and crackers than I really needed, but I allowed myself that one day to do so.

    Today is a new day. =) Have a nice weekend!