Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Restaurant Test was a success

I did have a 1 pt cheese stick and some turkey pepperoni before I left so I wasn't starving. And I stuck to my plan. No alcohol, no popcorn. I had the small portion of turkey tortellini salad  (I probably could have had less ranch dressing). And the scale rewarded me with 192.4 this morning. One more day and hopefully it stays down.

Over the weekend I put all of my Size 18 pants in the donate pile and my husband took them over. So now for work I am left with 1 pair of 16W khakis and 2 pairs of size 16 pants. They are a tad snug but that is okay. It is so easy for me to wear such baggy clothes, but it is a nice change to wear something that is a tad small but because I am going down in sizes, instead of that horrible feeling when you know you have to run out at lunch and buy the bigger size because you can't take it any more. Hopefully I will never, ever have to do that again!

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