Sunday, November 14, 2010

Test #1: Mexican Restaurant

I weighed in on Saturday at 192.8 - woo-hoo!

Saturday we had to do errands with the kids around lunch time, so I knew we'd end up eating out somewhere. We chose our favorite mexican restaurant which we haven't been to in a while - I also knew it would be a good test of making some healthier choices. I knew I wouldn't be perfect. First - I didn't order soda, though I have been doing this for months. I really only like regular Coke in a can, so ordering it in a restaurant isn't worth it. Also I skipped the queso dip, which was hard. I did have quite a few chips and salsa -their salsa is amazing. Really chunky and fresh. We did get wings for an appetizer, which is what the kids eat. And I ordered the steak quesadilla instead of the steak fajita taco, as it wouldn't come with rice or refried beans. But I did put sour cream and guacamole on it.

Even though I had steak at lunch, we also had steak tips for dinner with baked potato. I took out most of the inerds of the potato out - I intended to eat the skin, but I wasn't really hungry so I didn't eat much.

I was 1 lb up this morning - that is okay. Todays challenges will be: 1) Not having cake at a kid's birthday party. And my mom is bringing my visiting cousins over for dinner - we are ordering pizza, having salad, and she is bringing brownies/ice cream/ raspberry sauce for dessert. I'll only have 1 piece of pizza, some salad and a small amount of dessert.

As long as I can get back to the 192.8 by Thursday I should get my 25 lb weight, but I want to try to get down to 192, but I also have a dinner our on Tuesday night.

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