Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My anxiety is annoying me

Of course I am very excited to go on our trip - I've been planning it for 11 months. But the anxiety about what the scale will say when I get back is annoying me.

I want to go on vacation and enjoy myself - Yes it will be stressful because it is such a short trip. But I've always said that I have incredibly low expectations about the trip - as long as my 4 year daughter gets to meet Cinderella, really,all the rest is gravy. We had originally planned on going back to the hotel for naps 2 days and trying to stay at the Magic Kingdom all day on Sunday, but I think we'll go back to the hotel that day as well. No point in running everyone ragged. Not at this age.

When I first starting planning the trip back in February, I really thought I would be at 172 by this trip. That is the weight I was when me and my husband starting dating, which is 8 years ago this coming Friday. But I am okay with not being anywhere near that goal.

But I am worried about is that the scale could actually say over 200 when I get back. I know that is insane - 9 lbs in 5 days, I really doubt it. And I know I can control it. But I don't even want it to say over 195. I've gone through the menus and looked at what I may have at the places that are not buffets or family style meals. It's the snacks I am a little bit more worried about. We'll be walking a lot I know. And I am bringing Fiber One bars to snack on. But I will have a few treats here and there. But this vacation is not an excuse to eat everything in sight and derail my progress.

I was back to 191.0 this morning and I've said all along that my goal for December 31st is to weigh the same (or less but I am not going to stress about that) than I do the day we leave for vacation.

But I am going to to stop stressing. I am going to enjoy my daughter's first Disney vacation (and only my second, the first being 10 years ago when I was 30), make smart choices but not stress, and take it all in.

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