Wednesday, April 10, 2013

20W/1X pants upstairs!

Last summer I had the most horrendous elastic waist, mommy pants ever - I had reached desperation when my 18W didn't fit and the selection was not great. I felt so frumpy the whole summer because of what I had to wear. The feeling continued into the fall as I continued to gain weight and had to buy 20W pants.

A message board I have been part of since I got married has a thread where people post cute clothes (ie they take pictures of themselves) to get feedback. I never remotely wanted to post there because I just haven't cared about clothes. I never really have cared - I am a jeans, t-shirt and flip flop person. But I do have do dress 'business casual' for work. While I don't see myself posting to this thread, I've been more inspired to care a little bit more about my wardrobe.

Last night I was doing laundy and decided it was time to put the 20W and 1X pants upstairs and hang up all the 18W pants I have (I have long pants and khaki capris - I need to buy 18W black capris). So this morning I am finally wearing 18W to work again and it feels great - Some of them are a tad small, but keeps me honest all day versus pants I was afraid would fall down.

You'll notice I said 'upstairs' with the bigger pants - not donate. I may donate some because IF (and I want to say it will NEVER happen) I were to gain weight back, there are some of the pants I would never, ever wear again. But I won't be quite as quick to donate everything, though I completely intend on going to WW for the rest of my life if that is what it takes to not regain weight.

*sigh* I didn't get up this morning. I don't know how to get myself out of this 'It isn't a C25K day, but you still need to get up and work out'. I need to get over this hump, fast!

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