Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Outside running at 5:30 am!

It felt so wonderful! Still a bit chilly (41), so I wore a hat and long sleeves. I wish it could be this light at 5:30 am all year long! But I will take it being able to run outside in the morning for the next 3+ months.

W7D1, 25 minutes, 2.0 miles. 4.8 mph/12:30 min/mile. I rate reading about people training and 4.8 is their walking pace! But whatever. It's better than sitting on the couch!

I was tempted to run an extra 2:30 out, so I could run a total of 30 minutes, so in essence graduating from C25K, but I chose not too. Maybe Thursday I will since I won't get in a run this weekend - just a lot of walking on Saturday. And then I can gradually add a few minutes on to get back to my 5K. And then what, not sure. Fitting in a 5K in a my neighborhood is going to be a squeeze - My street is about 1.3 miles end-to-end - going off my street you get into either traffic or very tight, windy, so-so busy street (with no sidewalks).


  1. Congrats! That is wonderful! I also started the C25k program about 4 weeks ago, but I quit after 2 weeks mainly because my body couldn't seem to handle it at my current weight. I was also having a really hard time finding gear that would fit properly. I've got about 30 pounds on you. Where did you find good fitting sports bras, if you don't mind me asking?

    1. You can run really slowly - the name of the program is a little misleading, because really the program is meant to get you to run 30 minutes. A beginner runner isn't going to be running 3.14 miles in 30 minutes!

      I chuckle about the question of sports bras, only because that is one area I don't carry my weight :) At 217 lbs, I am only a 42C (borderline D perhaps, but I doubt it). I was barely a C when I got pregnant and I am hoping to be back down to a B someday. So I am able to wear just a normal Champion XL bra from Target. This past weekend I almost thought I should consider wearing 2 sports bras, but the soreness was gone after 10 minutes and could have been just because of that time of the month.

      See if you can try C25K again. I was able to get everything at Target - most of the time they have XXL, which is what I bought in shirts - Bottoms I was able to squeeze into an XL miraculously, but with shirts I need them to be long.

  2. Thanks! I'm in Canada, we are only just getting Target. I'll definitely check them out. :)

  3. I am struggling to run at any time of the day with my phat ass lol. Loving the site hun