Friday, April 5, 2013

Week has continued not so well...

I'll be up tomorrow. I just got to live with it and move on. This coming week SHOULD be a good week.

Leftover cake and Easter candy has not been my friend (but has been SO good!) - though I haven't eaten a ton of it. Reeses eggs (just the little ones) - I am NOT buying them next year. I could have eaten all of them.

But I also found myself not working out at all. I don't know if it was a quick bout of depression (seeing that it was very chilly after a few beautiful days) or just my mind being completely elsewhere, wishing for the weekend so I could do my spring cleaning. But I found myself exhausted at the end of the day and wanting to get 7-8 hours of sleep.

But I don't want to continue sleeping in - hoping to work out come Monday or Tuesday - the weekend will be hectic and I should get in lots of house/yard work, so I'll count that.

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