Thursday, April 18, 2013

No more predictions of a good week - they never work!

As of this morning I was up almost 4 lbs! Ugh. When I gain, I don't gain a smidge, I gain a lot! I don't expect to take much of that off in the next 2 days.

But I did get up this morning and do W5D2 of C25K. Sunday will be a 20 minute run! Not sure if I will do that inside or outside. I still need to work on my breathing - it just feels off.

I really need to stick to just 1 dessert a week - Saturdays. No more needed!

I definitely haven't been good about my water this week. Wednesday night is pizza night and I don't think I had anything to drink after dinner - not good!

One day I didn't eat my snack at work which led to the snacking before dinner.

But I will keep my head up and keep going and know this is just temporary.

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