Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I was mentally exhausted this morning....A run made me feel better!

Monday was Patriot's Day in Massachusetts - it is our Spring Break and none of the camps are open, so I was home with my daughter. We watched the Marathon on TV from 8:30 am until 1:30 pm and then went for a lovely 2 mile walk. I have no dreams of running 26.2 miles, ever. But I do have dreams of crossing the Boston Marathon finish line next year at the BAA 5K.

Around 3:00 my husband, who works in Boston, texted me to ask me what exploded. I didn't see anything on my phone. I went to my laptop and couldn't get on any of the local news websites. One person on FB mentioned it, so I went upstairs to turn the TV so my daughter wouldn't see it. 5 minutes later she ran outside to go sell lemonade with the girls across the street as I watched the TV in horror. 30 minutes later I had to go get her to drive her closer to Boston to spend the night with my parents. I hated doing that. I hated not being with her last night. I didn't know how or when my husband would be able to get a train home.

As soon as I picked her up she asked me about the bombings - turns out that an eldery man who stopped to buy lemonade from them told them. Who does that??!!! I was so mad. But like Newtown, she wasn't really phased by it.

Luckily my husband was able to get a train out of Boston in time. He said that all the trash cans along his route to the train station were open, and there were a lot of announcements in the train station and on the train about the suspicious packages.

His company wouldn't let him go into Boston today (he works full time at a client in Boston). He was mad because he wanted to be with his client, but he had to agree to go to company headquarters instead.

So how did I react to the news? I ate.....I had been resisting the homemade chocolate chip cookies all day long. But I found myself having 2. And then after dinner, I found myself eating a heaping spoonful of peanut butter and chocolate sauce. But I left it at that. I didn't fish the Easter candy out of trash. I didn't eat all the cookies, or all the PB, or all the chocolate sauce.

I got into bed at 8 am and was glued to the TV and the Internet and got a fitful night sleep. My husband didn't sleep well either. I found myself turning off my alarm, but my husband was up early. I was fighting myself in my head - oh, switch to Wednesday and Friday to run this week....But I wanted to run, I needed to run. So I did. I completed W5D1 of C25K. So glad I did.

I need to try to reign in the eating. The weekend wasn't stellar. Not horrible, but the scale was up 3 lbs on Monday, 2 lb today. Just trying for maintenance I guess this week.

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  1. I am amazed at how good I feel after a run, and even more than I'm seeing running becoming a way I handle stress now. :)

    I'm glad your family is safe and my heart goes out to all who were near the bombings.