Sunday, April 7, 2013

Another weekend done :(

The weather wasn't as nice as I had originally thought it would be, but it was a very productive weekend.

After my WW meeting, I went to BJ's and then to Target. At Target I got a bunch of shorts and capri's (unfortunately in Size 18W, since I donated all mine when I was this size 3-4 years ago and last summer I had clothes I absolutely hated - I need to embrace the size I am and dress cute (while trying to get to a smaller size).

The VFW was sponsoring a shredding truck so I brought 3 huge boxes which contained all the bank statements I've had since I moved out of my parent's house 20 years ago and I've moved them around - I know I still have more than 7 years in this house, but it was such a relief to finally be rid of them.

We had my daughter's first soccer game - 2 years ago at age 4 she tried soccer and hated it. This time she seemed to really like it. It was so freezing though!

I spent all afternoon organizing parts around the house. Earlier in the day I had suggested going to Applebee's so I could get a WW meal, but we needed to go to Lowe's which is right next to our favorite mexican restaurant. I had my "normal" "bad" entree of guacamole and queso and way too many chips, but I drank water and ordered a salad off their healthy menu and barely ate any of it except lettuce. I did have some leftover dessert insanely late in the night, but barely made a dent in it and threw it away.

Sunday was another hectic day - Skating, then a birthday party. I had to whiz through McDonald's between the 2 - I got myself a cheeseburger and water and ate my son's fries (no soda, didn't get myself my own fries) and I passed on cake and pizza at the birthday party (I wasn't expecting pizza since the party was from 1-3). Dinner was our first grilling of the season so sausages, pepper and onions, potatoes. And chocolate chip cookeis for dessert.

Way too late...I WILL get up on Tuesday and work out.

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