Monday, April 29, 2013

Beautiful weekend! But way too short!

Monday morning brain here, because I am trying to remember what I did!

Saturday I went to WW - I got my 16 week charm (shows how many times I have skipped since I just hit weigh-in #22). Then I went grocery shopping - I didn't have a ton to buy, just fresh fruits and veggies and dairy. Filled up with gas and was ready to go.

I took my daughter to soccer. Her team isn't very good. She is trying though. I couldn't help but notice that 3 of the 8 girls are overweight. Fantastic that they are doing soccer, but I can already tell at age 6 that they seemed miserable, weren't able to run very fast. One of the girls has a sister who at age 5 is already overweight as well. I saw both her parents and a bunch of grandparents and they seemed fine. I was always a very thin child, though I did gain weight around puberty, but that was also due to me then having money to buy junk food. I was never overweight according to the BMI scale until I was 29-32 (in that period of time I flucuated in the 150s). Once I stopped training my weight rose to 172 where it was when I met my husband, then it ballooned from there.

But back to my daughter - I worry because lately she has gotten so much pickier. She doesn't seem to want to eat anything remotely healthy. But I also don't want to deprive her of junk food (we do it in definitely moderation).

After soccer we all hung around at home doing stuff. We went out to our favorite Italian restaurant. I had no wine, no bread, a caeser salad (I know, not the healthiest). Their portions are enormous. I immediatel cut off a portion and stuff a spoon in my bowl to act as a barrier so I would only eat a small bit.

Sunday I got up to meet a friend for a run. I think we ran a little over 2 miles - nothing very fast as she is recovering from surgery. It was the first time in a long time that I had run while talking, so our pace was definitely slower. I could have gone further - I almost wanted to go running again when I got home, but I didn't.

TOM arrived last night - Hopefully I won't do too much damage this week. I so badly want to get to 216, my starting point in March 2010. But this week may not be it - but I am going to try to eat well this week since I am going to NYC next weekend and have lots of yummy meals lined up!

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