Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011: It’s All About Moving

In my previous post I covered all the areas of my life that weren’t great last year and I want to change. But really, I want 2011 to be about Moving and that means 2 things

Moving – Physical
I’ve been talking about exercise (or my lack-of) forever, but I haven’t really given my history of exercise/being physical.

As a child, I hated team sports, I hated playing out in the heat. I did love to swim and I loved individual sports. I didn’t really have the opportunity to do either as a child. In Junior High I was forced to play on team sports and I wasn’t very good because I had zero energy (but this is due to my mom’s food, which is a post for another day). Once I got to high school I was more interested in hanging with my friends, so I did the minimum PE required for graduation. I had gotten shin splints and stress fractions on both my legs from being forced to run on pavement in cleats in Junior High and that really turned me off from sports. I loved to run and 25 years later I still dream about it, but every time I have tried to run I feel like they are coming back. I took a weight lifting class in college and loved it. I continued to go to the gym on-and-off throughout my 20s, mainly to do weights, instead of cardio. I have yet to find cardio that I love.

In my early 30s I dated/lived with someone who loved the outdoors so I did a ton of hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, rock climbing, snowboarding, snow shoeing, winter hiking. I did love it. I was in fantastic shape! We broke up and as something to work towards, on New Year’s Day 2002, I decided to hike Mt Rainier in August 2002. I spent 8 months working out in the gym and hiking every single weekend. I was in even more amazing shape, thought I did go from 150 to 165 lbs during this time (and it wasn’t all muscle). But I also burnt myself out. The moment I stepped off the mountain in August 2002, I stopped doing anything physical and haven’t done much since. I started dating my husband in December 2002, and except to tone myself before our wedding in 2005, I haven’t worked out and have subsequently gained a ton of weight. I went up to 206 before we got engaged, went down to 184 before the wedding, back up to 206 in 6 months after that while we were trying to conceive.

Back in October I was only walking on the treadmill – I was about to start doing other things when I got sick. I want to get back on the treadmill to start. As much as I would like to run, I don’t think I will try. That might change. I love my bike trainer – I have some fun spinning videos I love. I like the step. We have a Wii. I want to get back into kick boxing. The only part of the Biggest Loser I like is when I see them pulling things, and moving big tires, just moving their bodies in lots of different ways. I need to have stuff I can do at home – I definitely learned this year that the morning is the only time I can work out.

Aside from working out in my basement, I want to get moving more with my kids and my husband. Getting down on the floor more and playing with them. Running around outside, playing soccer, going swimming, taking my daughter to the climbing gym.

And the parts about running around outside bring me to the next part of: Moving

Moving - Location

Currently we live in a 1800 sq ft townhouse. It is 4 floors, though the top and bottom floors are more storage than anything. The kids share a room. We have a deck, but not a ton of places to go outside easily. Our schools are not great at all. The kindergarten class is 120 but the high school graduating class is 65. I bought this townhouse when I was single, so it is time for me and my husband to buy a single family house, in a new town.

We have decided that we are going to try to move in the spring of 2012. As much as we would like to move this year, we can’t/won’t for the following 3 reasons:

1) As long as my daughter is still in daycare we can’t afford a higher mortgage

2) As long as my daughter is still in daycare we can’t afford to do the work to our current house that we need to in order to put it on the market

3) Even if we could afford to do the work right now, I want this year to be about living – last year was about planning and organizing too much. I don’t want to deal with contractors and Home Depot at this point. Maybe come the fall I will want to

We pretty much know what town(s) we are going to look at, so we’ll keep an eye on them this year and continue to do a little research and visit the towns in the different seasons this year. And get ourselves ready for 2012. I already wrote a note for next year as I was packing up the Christmas decorations (not very well) that next year I would have to pack them really, really well.

So here is to 2011 and Get Moving!

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