Thursday, January 13, 2011

Weekly Weigh In

Last Week: 191.0
This Week: 188.4
Change: -2.6
Change Since 3/25/2010: -27.6

Yeah for being in the 180s - boo that I could have been less if it wasn't for all my snacking yesterday. I continued to be annoyed at myself.

Tracking definitely helped this week so I need to keep it up. Usually I bail on the tracking because Thursday or Friday I usually let myself eat more but I don't track then I don't fully know how many extra points I have and I give up.

I didn't get a chance to make up my menu for the week. Tonight we are staying late at work for our "holiday party" and may go out to dinner. I won't be able to work from home tomorrow because of the storm yesterday, but I hopefully can leave early to go shopping on the way home.

Last night I worked for 4 hours on the couch but at the end I started feeling crappy and was hoarse, almost like broncitis or something is coming on. Boo. But also with all the work I will be staying up really late for at least the next 3 weeks so I am not sure where/if exercise will come in.

Oh yeah, I forgot. NSV yesterday! The fact that I was able to wear my snow pants and button/zip up my ski jacket. Yeah!!!!

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