Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's Official: 30 lbs gone in 2010

I woke up this morning weighing 191.4, officially 30.4 lbs less than last year.

New Year's Eve dinner was slightly disappointing, but in a good way I guess.
*I got myself a dozen shrimp -yum
*Put out some veggies and hummus to fill me up - was a success
*Put out crackers/pepperoni/crackers for the kids and my big kid - they all loved it, I barely touched it
*Cooked some frozen spinach puff appetizers - yummy, but my husband ate most of them - good
Rosted asparagus - yummy!
*Cooked some frozen beef wrapped in bacon appetizers - gross! Very disappointed, but they are gone from the house
*Cheese Fondue - what I've been waiting for all year - would have enjoyed it more if I had it by myself, but then I would have eaten more - I did get my fill, didn't overeat because I had eaten other things, but I didn't get to r eally savor it because the kids were being kids
*Chocolate Mousse dessert - yummy! Again, didn't get to fully enjoy it. But we have another serving for today so maybe I'll get to enjoy it

I am not going to say that just because it is New Year's Day that all of a sudden I am going to be perfect or anything. That is not realistic and that is not living. We have a birthday party to go to today at lunchtime with pizza and cake. Tomorrow we have a playdate to go to during the Patriot's game.

I am also not going to speculate what the scale will say next New Year's Day. I am going to commit to weighing myself at least 350 days this year (expecting to be away some) compared to 298 day this past year. Weighing myself every day truely does help me lose weight.

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