Thursday, January 13, 2011

Milestones for 180s

While I am not saying that I will never see the 190s again (A 1.6 lb buffer is a little too close for comfort) but I've been wanting to post my milestones because this is a pretty significant decade for me.

189.8 - Make it into the 180s DONE
189.0 - Get to take progress pictures Would do tomorrow if I were to be home, so might have to wait
188.0 - Get another 5 lb sticker at WW Hoping for next week
186.0 - Lost 30 lbs since 3/25/2010
185.4 - Overweight status - no longer obese/ 1/2 way to goal since 1/1/2010 weight (221.8)
184.0 - Wedding weight (was married 5/21/2005, go pregnant 6 months later)/ Get to take progress pictures/ Will try on wedding dress and honeymoon pictures
183.0 - Get another 5 lb sticker at WW
182.4 - 1/2 way to goal since recomittment on 3/25/2010 (216)

Just so much to be excited for! The overweight status is definitely the key. The wedding dress/honeymoon pictures sound like a fun idea, but probably won't make me feel better because I doubt they will fit. After having 2 kids and also not working out (I toned a lot before I got married), I have my doubts. My honeymoon clothes were Size 14 and I am no where near there. My 16W pants are pretty baggy, but my 16s are not. Definitely gives me incentive to work out....if only I didn't feel a nasty cold coming on and all the long hours working.

I am just thrilled to be in the 180s, but I hope I pass by them quickly! Not the 5+ months it took me to get out of the 190s.

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