Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Monthly Weight Dip

For so long I never had to worry about how my TOM would affect the scale at Weight Watchers. The many times I've been a member, I've always weighed in on Thursdays. But being on the Pill, my cycle was completely predictable and incredibly short. It arrived on Tuesday morning and was gone by Thursday morning, so the weigh-in before was never up because it was too far in advance and the weigh-in after/during wasn't affected because it was over. Perfect world!

But now we've had our kids and I don't need the Pill anymore (thank you Husband!) but the predictability is no longer there and I definitely miss that. When we were trying to have kids each cycle was 35 days long, but now is roughly 27-29 days. Go figure.

But what I have been noticing over the last year is usually the morning TOM arrives, I get on the scale and I am down 1-2 lbs! Very weird - I don't know why. Because within a few hours I am crampy and bloated and feel as big as a house. Then I eat like crap during that time and the scale is back up.

But the last couple of mornings I've been down almost 1/2 lb each day - I am not complaining. I was 187.0 this morning! I hope it continues to tumble - I thought I would shoot through the 190s and that so was not the case! 5 months to lose 10 lbs is not impressive, though I know each pound lost is good for my health. But I want, I need to fly through the 180s. 184.0 is so close and that means trying on my wedding dress.....

But in the immediate future is my next 5lb star at WW - As long as I am 188.0 or less on Thursday I should get it. I want it so badly that I drove into work today with my husband, despite the horrible weather, but I didn't trust myself to be home with chocolate santas and Lindt truffles.

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