Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mid-week Check In

It's been back to the grind this week - fun, fun, fun.

The week started out badly when the scale said 193.2. Yikes! But back to 191.4 by this morning. Tomorrow is my first WW meeting in over a month - since before we went to Disney. I don't think I will have maintained - maybe up a little. Unless the scale decides to jump down a pound by morning.

Last night I pulled out the Wii Fit - I hadn't stepped on it in a while. It said I was down 7 lbs since whenever I was last on it, so obviously it's been a while! I want to start using it, even if to just play games - at least I will be moving at night which is something I never do.

My plan is to get up and work out on Friday morning. I've slowly started going to bed earlier - ie last night at 10:50 which was the earliest I have gone to bed since mid-October when I stopped working out. I could have gone to bed earlier but I got a late start watching The Biggest Loser.

So 192.4 was my starting weight at the first show of The Biggest Loser - wonder what I will be at the finale in May? I was glad to see that what they really meant in the promos of The Biggest Season yet, was the # of contestants. And yes, the biggest guy ever on the show at 504 lb but only 5'8" (and he has already lost 150 lbs). But at least not all the contestants are over 300 lbs. I have a hard time relating to that. Maybe, just maybe, this will be the season that I will really be motivated to Get Moving.

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  1. Hey, maybe we can both see where we'll be by the finale, because I was thinking the same thing when I watched TBLoser. :)