Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow snacks

I knew me and my husband was going to be home today and I knew it was likely that the kids would be home as well a  nd I knew it would be stressful because I have so much work to do. But I had pre-populated my WW tracker thinking I would stay on-plan. By 10:00 am I was off. I ate breakfast too early (at 7:30), then had a Slim Fast around 9:30. But then my husband left out the Chex Mix and the kids wasnted Pirates Booty so I found myself munching - probabably 5 points worth. And then at noon I had more normal morning snack and lunch - so by the end of lunch I was 10 points over what I normally am. But I will probably burn some of it when we brave the elements later for a family outing in the 18" of snow to unearth our cars. Dinner is up in the air because we were going to get Subway - not sure what we'll do now. The scale was fantastic this morning - 188.2! But who knows what it will be tomorrow - weigh-in day :(

I am hoping I can stay relatively on-plan for the rest of the day - though it is only 2 pm and I've got at least 10 hours left since I have to make up all my work once the kids go to sleep.

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