Sunday, January 16, 2011

Treats and Rewards

The treats being that the off-plan activities of Thursday night and Friday morning have led to a kind of
lackadaisical attitude this weekend.I haven't tracked one line this week and the week is 4 days old.  And this afternoon, I found myself popping the Lindt truffled from my Christmas stocking.

The rewards part was that I decided to take my 189 ld progress pictures. Since I've been 209, I've taken pictures at ##9 and ##4. I take front, side and back pictures in 4 different outfits: workout, one piece bathing suit, bra and underwear, and jeans and shirt. Not pretty, but keeps it real. But it is sad that the last time I took pictures was almost 3 months and the time before that was almost 3 months before that, so since 7/28/2010, the first time I saw 199, I've only lost 10 lbs.

We were very busy this weekend doing errands and such. A large trip to Target resulted in:

1) Just Dance 2 - We've had the Wii for 2 1/2 years and we really don't use it. We have the Wii Fit as well. Part of it is due to location - It is in our living room and my husband usually dominates the tv at night and it is right below the kids' room so I am afraid to use it in the morning.

2) New underwear! My XL/Size 8 were just too out of control big so I finally threw them all out, except for the 1 pair I take in my progress picks, and got some size 7. They sadly still look large, but not as bad at the XL.

I need to go get some rest so hopefully the rest of the week isn't shot foodwise (doesn't help that TOM is coming up as well).

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  1. Checking in.. So good to see you in 180's again. It's a great feeling, as is buying size 7 undies. That was something I was forced to do in the fall and so excited to do.

    Have a great rest of your WW week, blips and all. Yes, it is life and you're doing great!