Sunday, January 23, 2011

The weekend is over...

I woke up Saturday morning at 186.0 and was ectatic, but this wasn't the best weekend food-wise. Not horrible, but definitely not great.

I had chips both days at lunch and I nibbled in the chip bag (pita chips) more than once.

We had pulled pork and Asian coleslaw for dinner Saturday night - I literally can eat a whole bag of asian coleslaw, it is that good, but I only had 2 servings, though I did find myself nibbling off the spoon as we were cleaning up.

I had one piece of pizza at a birthday party - my poor daughter doesn't like pizza, but that is what they serve at every party, and usually it is at their place when they go in to sit down. But I didn't have a second piece. And I passed on the cake and the orange soda.

My husband make pancakes this morning, using Star Wars molds the kids gave him for Christmas. I didn't put butter on mine and instead of seconds, I have yogurt and blueberries.

I roasted a chicken for dinner tonight and made Thanksgiving stuffing. Another dish I could eat a whole dish full, but didn't even have seconds. But we did have ice cream for dessert.

So I'd love to be back to 186 by Thursday, but I am not sure. Our dinners this week are a little wacky. And we have potentially another huge storm to deal with this week. And the rumor is that the after-school program at school is full meaning we'll have to figure out something on our own (which will be a PITA and lots of $) and throw in tons and tons of work, this week could be incredibly stressful. But I am going to try to eat well despite the stress. Because the work stress isn't going to go away any time soon.

On a good note, we broke out the Nickelodeon Fit and Just Dance for the Wii and all 4 of us had fun with them. It felt good to just move at all!

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  1. Well, now you know that 186.0 is definitely on the near horizon. YAY!!

    I love the green and tulips on your blog...makes me pine for spring to come already. :)

    Here's to a good food week! :)