Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mid-week Check In

Lots of stuff going on - it's been a little hectic and the next few weeks will continue to be so.

Work is crazy and I have barely been at my desk which makes it a bit harder to eat all my meals and snacks on time, but I have been doing it. I work with all men and they are great - either they are on Weight Watchers, want to be on Weight Watchers, or have wives on Weight Watchers, so they definitely help.

Despite disorganized dinners this week, the scale was at 185.6 this morning! I so badly want it to be 185.4 because that is a very, very magic number according to my scale.

We are getting another snow storm tomorrow so I cancelled Weight Watchers - the storm is not supposed to  be as big as originally expected, but even with a little snow a lot of people will work from home. So I postponed the registration until next week (and now I won't be there) - I am still worried we won't get 15 people. I am trying not to stress about it though. I will need to find a meeting elsewhere though - I don't trust myself to do it 100% on my own. Plus I want to get the trinkets and stickers you get at milestones :)

And next week I am supposed to travel for work. I haven't had to travel by plane for work in over 10 years. I hate flying. And I am so nervous about the eating aspect of being on the road for 3-5 days. I feel like I am on a roll and I don't want it sidelined due to travel, but there is nothing I can do about it. Plus I think I may have to go shopping because I don't have any nice business casual that fits.

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  1. I hope you can come up with a plan for how to eat while you're traveling. That always throws me for a loop.