Friday, January 28, 2011

Long Chinese Hangover

I still feel the affects of the chinese food from yesterday.

I wasn't hungry for a snack yesterday afternoon, though did drink my 8 oz coke that I didn't have with lunch, because I needed a little pick-me-up. And I had my intended LC pizza and carrots for dinner instead. I still felt so bloated at bedtime and woke up 2 lbs heavier this morning. Ugh.

I was feeling lazy and adventurous, so didn't pack myself any food except for a morning lunch, my 8 oz coke, and my afternoon snack. Instead of my normal breakfast sandwich AND yogurt parfait, I just got my yogurt parfait. For lunch I need to run out to Target (yeah payday!) and I plan on going to Fresh City and getting a black bean burrito on a low-carb wrap and NO salad - for a while I was getting both the burrito and a salad (with nuts, cheese and lots of dressing).

My husband, my daughter and my birthdays are all within 3 weeks of each other in August - last summer, after having cake 3 times in 3 weeks, we decided that we'd only do cake for her and ice cream for all of us. And then my son's birthday is St Patrick's Day. We are going to do cupcakes for his birthday, so since we won't be buying a cake at this insanely yummy place, I am going to pick one up tonight for tomorrow. Tomorrow is my daughter's dance recital. And we all need a pick-me-up to celebrate the 1/2 way point of winter (well almost the 1/2 way point) - I do get SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) to a degree and this month has been insane with 60" of snow so far. So yes, we are going to celebrate with cake :)

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  1. Never heard of SAD...I realize I get it more when the sun comes, it warms up out and my mood brightens instantly.

    Cake sounds yummy!

    Have a great weekend!