Monday, March 18, 2013

4 Years Post-Partum

*sigh* I always get reflective of my weight around my son's birthday.

231 was the highest weight I was with him, 9 months pregnant. I hit 249 with my daughter. I was the same starting weight with both pregnancies (206), but I actually lost weight with him because I was on modified bedrest from 22 weeks on, so I really watched what I ate.

With both kids I dropped the initial baby/water weight, with my son I got down to 202, but with both kids I put on 10-15 pounds very quickly once I stopped breastfeeding.

On New Year's Day 2010, 9 months post-partum, I was 221.8 (at that time my heighest non-pregnancy weight), but really dropped to 216 in a week so 216 was my "starting" weight when I rejoined WW 1 year post partum and then got down to 184 in a year.

I had been hoping to be back down to 216 by his 4th birthday, but I never do well with challenges, so here I am. Let's hope things look a lot better by 5 years post-partum!

Sunday was great from a happy birthday boy perspective, but I am so glad it is over. I am tired and grumpy on a Monday morning with not a lot of relief in sight in the next 2 days.

Breakfast - Normal breakfast. Originally I was going to make a big breakfast with bacon and green pancakes and orange juice, but there wasn't time, so I resorted to making the kids microwave pancakes cut with a shamrock cookie cutter. I also had a quick healthy snack before leaving for the party at 11:00.

Lunch - 2 small pieces of pizza and a piece of cake - skipped the soda and the ice cream. I was starving later in the afternoon, so I had a healthy snack and a ton of water. Skipped leftover pizza and more cake!

Dinner/Dessert - We went out to dinner early, around 4:30 to try to miss the post-St Patty's Day Parade/Our Highschool Just Won State Hockey Championship rush - We just made it! The kids had a blast. The restaurant had live Irish music and they sang Happy Birthday to my son. I did have 1 drink - a mudslide (yummy!), but then water after that. I skipped the rolls (this restaurant's rolls aren't very good), but did have the onion soup. I ordered Chicken Piccatta for dinner - their portions are HUGE! I barely could eat any - concentrated more on the chicken. I brought the rest home but threw out the leftovers this morning. For dessert at home I had 3 mini St Patty's Day cupcakes and some ice cream with homemade chocolate sauce.

Today I was up another pound, 2 pounds from Saturday. But I have 5 days to take it off!

I was SO tired by the end of the day, I just wanted to crawl into bed, watch Revenge from 9-10, get a good night sleep and wake up and work out.

BUT...when we got home from dinner one of our smoke detectors was beeping...Long story short, when we disconnected one, another one would start beeping louder, and finally to get it to stop, my husband how to kill the power to all the smoke detectors, as well as the lights in the basement. So low and behold I couldn't work out this morning in the dark (I am not dedicated yet to change my plans for working out and do it in the family room, plus with my exhaustion from the day, I need the extra hour of sleep).

Tonight we are going out to Mexican, my last challenge, hopefully of the week. I really doubt I'll get to work out tonight - ugh!

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