Thursday, March 7, 2013

Feeling weak....

Not sick or tired, just feeling weak-minded. I am working from home today because I have a head ache and the weather is so iffy for the next couple of days. But it is only 10:15 am and I have already had my snack (that I usually eat at 11:30). I need to chug the water. Chocolate chip cookies are in the kitchen that I managed to avoid last night. And I can't just have just 1 homemade chocolate chip cookie - they would be my last food if I was ever said I had a last meal.

On a good thing, the scale was very nice (224.2) this morning and I want to keep that up for my weigh-in on Saturday.

So I am going to try really, really hard. I will, I will!

And tomorrow morning will be another work out morning!

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