Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Snow day, challenging day....

Monday I bought a sandwich for lunch instead of eating my Lean Cuisine Pizza, but I didn't get a side or another drink.

After skating we went out for Mexican food as planned with family friends. Unknown to us, the restaurant was celebrating their 5 year anniversary so it was packed - loud music, tequila shots, etc. We got a seat pretty quickly but had to wait a long time to order and to get our food, so that meant a lot of chips and salsa. But no alcohol, no queso appetizer, and I ordered the steak fajita quesadilla so no refried beans or rice. I also skipped the free cake. I was tempted for our own leftove cake and ice cream when I got home, but I didnt.

Today is yet another snow day - 6th this school year (though 2 were hurricane days). I had my 6:30 meeting, but still got up at 5:30 (to find there was no school) - So did I work out knowing I could take my shower after? Nope... :(

I am not feeling the love today. The scale was up yet again (meaning up 3.2 lbs since Saturday!). And the first thing on my lips this morning was a heaping spoonful of homemade chocolate sauce off the stove. I am feeling vulnerable and weak today. I am technically working from home so I can't work out during the day, and i need to entertain the kids. Is the day over yet?!

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