Friday, March 15, 2013

Slept in...and challenging week ahead

I didn't get up this morning - I am kind of kicking myself. Last night was an easy night as it was just me and my daughter. I went to bed at 10:30 but woke up several times during the night and ended up turning off the alarm. I didn't have to be of the house early. Bad excuse. Hopefully next week will be more "normal" - And i do need to find a way to make myself get up to work out when it isn't a C25K day.

The scale was very kind this morning - I need to keep it up today so I can get 10 lb lost at WW in the morning. If I do and I had a fantastic week in the next week, I could get 5% next week. But there will be many challenges Saturday - Monday.

Saturday - Doing lots of errands. Going to Bertucci's for lunch - Need to look at their menu for something healthier, which I normally don't get there.

Sunday - St Patty's Day and my son's 4th birthday
--We will be making a nice large breakfast
--We have mini St Patty's cupcakes to eat - not sure when we'll do that - could even be breakfast!
--His birthday party at lunch - pizza and cake
--A restaurant in town does a big deal for St Patty's Day so we figure we would go check it out - it isn't a restaurant I ever eat healthy at, so I need to pre-plan

Monday - Out for Mexican with family friends to celebrate both our son's birthdays.

It is only 5 meals, it is only 5 meals. I can do this, I can do this!

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