Thursday, March 21, 2013

Picking myself up before the spiral is too long.....

I really was in a funk on Tuesday and Wednesday. The 9 inches of snow, the unexpected snow day, and temperatures in the 30s for the foreseeable future was enough for my the start to tail spin out of control. Tuesday was not pretty. The bowl of homemade chocolate sauce was my friend all day long (until I finally threw out the remains). Trying to "work from home" and watch 2 kids was a big mistake. None of us wanted to play out in the snow (didn't help that it was raining all afternoon) - We are over snow. The 14" storm just 11 days prior was beautiful, it was a Friday, we knew 3 days of 50+ degreee weather would wash it all away.

Tuesday I went to bed at 8:30 - yes, 8:30 pm and woke up at 6:30 am. I think I may have set my alarm to work out on Wednesday, but didn't.

The funk continued into Wednesday, afffecting what I ate for dinner (I polished off a whole packet of rice, on my own - 11 points - in addition to my dinner! And topped it off with some leftove birthday cake).

This morning I didn't even bother getting on the scale. Having peed about 2 tablespoons was a good indicator of how dehydrated I was and that meant the scale couldn't have been good, whatsoever. So by Saturday I will probably be up 5 lbs - not kidding!

But I did get up to work out. It did take a little talking to myself. But I did it. I finished Week 3 of C25K (I also adjusted my training plan a week because while I may start Week 4 on Saturday, I am not going to finish it by Wednesday, so I am just going to do a couple extra days of Week 4 next week).

But as usual, working out felt great. And I really, really, really want to get up in the morning to do some cross training even though I know I won't go to bed until after 11:0.

Besides some birthday cake on Sunday afternoon, I have no reason not to eat wondefully between now and Easter, just in time for TOM to arrive.

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