Monday, March 25, 2013

Just couldn't get up!

I am kicking myself for not waking up this morning. I am going to try to get in a run this evening, but not sure that will happen.

I had a fairly productive day on Sunday. I got all my cleaning and bills done while my family was at skating. I ate kind of okay, but the rest of a bag of baked Sweet Chili chips took over.

At the birthday party I drank water, didn't eat "lunch" or appetizers since I had already eaten, though did have some ice cream and cake. We didn't leave until 6, so I found myself munching on chips by then.

I just ate a PB&J sandwich for lunch.

Me and my husband stayed up way too late last night and I had a horrible, horrible night sleep - one of those nights you feel like you've only slept 2 hours. So around 4:30 I turned off my alarm. I may have been able to have gotten up, but I wasn't ready to try.

My son's doctor called and said my son has mono! Way better to hear that the other words that have been floating around the last few days. He has a follow-up appointment on Thursday, though he is not contagious and there is no course of action to be taken.

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  1. Hi,
    I hate those nights when you just can not fall to sleep rather from thoughts running around your head or worrying about something. On a brighter note it is nice to know your son will be on the mend - no more worrying it is bad for us all