Sunday, March 24, 2013

Glad I made my meeting....

I am so glad that I still went to WW, even though I took a Pass at the scale. I feel just as rejuvenated as I normally would.

Saturday was a pretty good day eating wise - we went to my parents for lunch because my cousin was in town. It ended up being a late lunch, but I passed on the cheese and crackers, and olives, and wine my parents were offering while we waited for my cousin. I had had a good snack before we left the house and I had my water bottle to sip on.

Lunch was quiche and salad. I had seconds on salad. I knew we were having brownies for dessert and I had planned on only having 1 small one, but I was chatting along with my cousin, so I barely noticed that the plate with 3 small brownies and some ice cream was put in front of me - I just mindlessly ate it. Woops.

Since lunch was so late, and when we got home we all started cleaning the house, so dinner wasn't organized: I had the leftovers of the frozen pasta from Friday night and skipped most of the sausage.

Today the kids have skating then we are going to a birthday party at 2:00.  Instead of leaving the house at 10:30 with the rest of the family and eating lunch out, I decided to just meet them at the party. I really want to make sure I have the house cleaned and organized for the week, plus I don't want to eat lunch out. I am not sure what they will be serving at the birthday party (it is a family party (for a 5 year old) so not a kids party) beyond cake and ice cream - I plan on indulging in dessert a little bit, but not appetizers or alcohol and we plan on leaving IF there was to be a meal served.

I am still worried about my son, but not as much as I was on Friday. And I kept telling myself that if something really awful did happen, I couldn't use that as an excuse to eat myself into a frenzy every day. The immediate stress, the unknown, being hungry caused me to go overboard.

Not sure if I'll get an actual workout in today - Scrubbing toilets, showers and tubs may be it! But I plan to get up in the morning for W4D2. My workouts will be thrown off a little this week because I have a physical on Wednesday morning so I don't want to work out that morning because I need to fast until my appointment at 10:30.

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