Sunday, March 17, 2013

Good Choices Made

I did W3D2 of C25K and some weight lifting.

I had a WW shake (2 pts) before leaving for our first round of errands.

At Bertucci's I made wise choices:
-Water, not soda
-Had 1 small (and I mean small - it was like the runt of the basket) roll with a little oil
-Had a bunch of salad (probably too much dressing)
-Ordered a Sausage and Cherry Pepper Panini on Flatbread - it was so yummy! We need to make these at home. For the 3rd piece I didn't eat the roll.

After we got home, I headed out on my own and did a bunch of "me" shopping. I only had a couple of long sleeve tops to wear for spring, so I got a bunch - still a bunch of sweaters, but spring-like. They are all XL so I hope they are okay. 1X I am completely drowning in. And then I got a few short sleeve shirts.
Then I went shoe shopping. I hadn't bought new shoes in a while. I hate shoes. But I destroyed the summer ones I wore every day to work last summer, and I only have 1 pair of work shoes I wear now, but they aren't able to be worn with capris. Not that it is getting warm anytime soon - after seeing 60 degree weather last week that melted most of our 14" of snow, we are expecting a foot on Tuesday and it is supposed to be unseasonably cold for the foreseeable future.
I also got a new pair of running shoes - Nike again. I tried on Ascis but they are too narrow for me. I didn't bother trying on New Balance or Saucony, since I knew Nike had been working for me so far.

At my last stop, which was around 5:30, my husband texted me to see if I wanted to meet them at Applebees. I had just planned on going on home and having a PB&J sandwich and a banana but I agreed.

While I waited for them in the parking lot, I pulled up the menu:
The only WW menu item I liked was only 8 pts - I knew I needed more than that for dinner. I decided to splurge just a little - we ordered 2 orders of Beer pretzels (which come with cheese dip) - I only had 1 or 2 of them. Then crispy green beans (lightly fried) which also come with 2 dips. So maybe a little more than I would have liked. But just 8 pts, I would have been scrounging when I got home.

Off to celebrate St Patty's Day and my son's 4th birthday!

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